ball My husband has a friend he served as student missionaries with in Thailand who is now a missionary doctor currently serving in Gimbie, Ethiopia at the Gimbie Adventist Hospital there. I would like you to meet, in a very personal way, Nick Walters and his family. Phosphe, his wife, has her own important job to perform, home schooling their two young sons, Christopher and Ian.

ball With the advent of the computer age, it is much easier and faster to keep in contact with our people in the mission field, so I wanted to do something in some small way to share the experiences of this one family in their mission to serve God and His people. This is my contribution to the process.

ball I hope you find as much enjoyment, laughter, and tears in these letters as our family has. Written from the perspective of only those who are there can tell it, I'm sure you will find yourself moved by the experiences of the Walters family in Ethiopia.

ball May God bless you as you read them.

ball As more letters arrive, I will periodically update the site. Please keep visiting to read more as time passes. And if you're new to the site and would like to read all of the letters from Gimbie, please note the archives button at the bottom of the page. You will go to another page and from there you can choose to either read the prior letters online or can download them in text format from there.

ball Also I would like to draw your attention to the button called "Trail." This is a poem written (Trail to Gimbie) about this road to Gimbie by a visitor back in 1963 - before there were the "modern amenities" that they now experience there. {smile}

ball May God bless you as you read these letters as much as it has our family.

ball Beth Chollett

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